Curious Creatures in Zoology by John Ashton

By John Ashton

Curious Creatures in Zoology
John Ashton, English author (1834–1911)

This booklet provides «Curious Creatures in Zoology», from John Ashton. A dynamic desk of contents permits to leap on to the bankruptcy selected.

Table of Contents
- approximately This Book
- Preface
- Curious Creatures
- Amazons
- Pygmies
- Giants
- Early Men
- Wild Men
- furry Men
- The Ouran Outan
- Satyrs
- The Sphynx
- Apes
- Animal Lore
- The Manticora
- The Lamia
- The Centaur
- The Gorgon
- The Unicorn
- The Rhinoceros
- The Gulo
- The Bear
- The Fox
- The Wolf
- The Antelope
- The Horse
- The Mimick Dog
- The Cat
- The Lion
- The Leontophonus-the Pegasus-the Crocotta
- The Leucrocotta-the Eale-cattle Feeding Backwards
- Animal Medicine
- The Su
- The Lamb-tree
- The Chimæra
- The Harpy And Siren
- The Barnacle Goose
- impressive Egg
- Moon Woman
- The Griffin
- The Phœnix
- The Swallow
- The Martlet, And Footless Birds
- Snow Birds
- The Swan
- The Alle, Alle
- The Hoopoe And Lapwing
- The Ostrich
- The Halcyon
- The Pelican
- The Trochilus
- Woolly Hens
- Four-footed Duck
- Fish
- The Sea-pig
- The Walrus
- The Ziphius
- The Dolphin
- The Swamfisck
- The Remora
- The Dog-fish And Ray
- the ocean Dragon
- the edge Ray
- Zoophytes
- The Kraken
- Crayfish And Crabs
- The Sea-serpent
- Serpents
- The Basilisk And Cockatrice
- The Salamander
- The Toad
- The Leech
- The Scorpion
- The Ant
- The Bee
- The Hornet

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